Lock Safe Self Storage Policies

Our Policies:

  • Rent is due on or before the date you sign the contract.
  • When rent is 5 days late, we reserve the right to put one of our locks on the storage unit.

  • When rent is ten (10) days late a 10% late fee is applied to the storage unit and we reserve the right to remove locks and check the storage unit for contents or abandonment.
  • A $25.00 NSF/returned check fee will be applied on any check returned from the bank.
  • A notice of ten (10) days prior to vacating is required or you deposit will be forfeited. 
  • Tenants are responsible for removing all items and sweeping the storage unit prior to vacating. There will be a fee for any cleaning, sweeping, or trash removal.
  • No alterations of the storage property or fixtures is allowed.
  • Tenant is required to notify landlord of any change in address or phone numbers.
  • Upon cleared payment Lock Safe Self Storage is allowed 48 hrs to unlock a locked unit and or at their discretion. 

Our Policies (Continued):

  • Lock Safe Self Storage is not responsible for personal injury or any damage caused by theft vandalism, rodents, water, snow, fire, wind, or tornado damage.
  • The units are not to be used for storage of flammable, explosive, toxic substances, perishables or anything in violation of the law.
  • No plants or anything living shall be stored on premises.
  • Insurance of your contents and belongings is the responsibility of the occupant, occupant is responsible for any and all persons accompanying occupant and their actions.
  • There is to be no mechanical work done in the unit.  Cardboard should be placed under any vehicle stored in the unit to keep contaminants from leaking onto the storage unit floor.
  • No sleeping or staying in the storage units is allowed.

  • To see the full list of policies please refer to your Contract and Rules agreement sheet provided at the signing of your storage unit.