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Our Available Self Storage Units

 We have a variety of self storage unit sizes available to meet every storage need!

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10' x 5' Storage Unit (10 x 5)

10’ x 5′ (Walk-in/Closet-sized) Storage Unit
This space is best for personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, toys, small furniture items, business records, sales rep materials, etc.

$32.29 / month

10' x 10' Storage Unit (10 x 10)

10’ x 10′ (Half of a One Car Garage-sized) Storage Unit
This unit can hold the contents of a one or two bedroom apartment with major appliances. Also, good for office furniture and office supplies.

$47.17 / month

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10' x 15' Storage Unit (10 x 15)

10’ x 15′ (Living Room-sized) Storage Unit
A two bedroom apartment or small house including appliances can be stored in this unit. It will, also, hold additional boxes, miscellaneous items, business files and excess inventory.

$58.52 / month

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10' x 20' Storage Unit (10 x 20)

10’ x 20′ (One Car Garage-sized) Storage Unit
This size of unit is ideal for storage racks. When full, it will hold the contents of a three or four bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. It can, also, be used for business storage, files and overstock inventory.

$69.28 / month

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10' x 30' Storage Unit (10 x 30)

10’ x 30′ (Two car garage-sized) Storage Unit
This unit is perfect for small vehicle/recreational storage. It can, also, accommodate large amounts of inventory or records storage, or both. Double door drive though unit.

$89.37 / month

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