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Our Available Self Storage Units

 We have a variety of self storage unit sizes available to meet every storage need!  

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10' x 5' Storage Unit (10 x 5)

10’ x 5′ (Walk-in/Closet-sized) Storage Unit
This space is best for personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, toys, small furniture items, business records, sales rep materials, etc.

$39 / month

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10' x 10' Storage Unit (10 x 10)

10’ x 10′ (Half of a One Car Garage-sized) Storage Unit
This unit can hold the contents of a one or two bedroom apartment with major appliances. Also, good for office furniture and office supplies.

$54 / month

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10' x 15' Storage Unit (10 x 15)

10’ x 15′ (Living Room-sized) Storage Unit
A two bedroom apartment or small house including appliances can be stored in this unit. It will, also, hold additional boxes, miscellaneous items, business files and excess inventory.

$65 / month

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10' x 20' Storage Unit (10 x 20)

10’ x 20′ (One Car Garage-sized) Storage Unit
This size of unit is ideal for storage racks. When full, it will hold the contents of a three or four bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. It can, also, be used for business storage, files and overstock inventory.

$77 / month

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10' x 30' Storage Unit (10 x 30)

10’ x 30′ (Two car garage-sized) Storage Unit
This unit is perfect for small vehicle/recreational storage. It can, also, accommodate large amounts of inventory or records storage, or both. Double door drive though unit.

$98 / month

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Why Rent Self Storage Units From Lock Safe Self Storage?

Rent Your Storage Unit Online & Pay Online 24-7

Our website makes renting storage units easy and convenient. Simply reserve your storage unit and make your payment online.

Safe, Secure & Convenient

Peace of mind comes with our safe and dry storage rental units, available in a wide variety of sizes, that allow you 24-hour access to your belongings. When you rent a storage unit from us, you will see that we offer an exceptional value at a great price.

Variety Of Unit Sizes Available

We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available to rent. We make sure we can meet any storage need you may have.

Our Storage Facility

An accredited storage facility company with over 28 years of building engineering experience was hired to build our NEW state-of-the-art Lock Safe Self Storage Facility in Independence, Iowa. Our storage facility is built with Drip X condensation barrier in the roof, plastic underneath the concrete, and a concrete lip on the edge of the storage unit doors. These features help to keep water and debris out of the storage units. Our units are safe, dry, and come in various sizes to choose from. Plus, you have the convenience of 24-hour access to your belongings.